City of Checotah

Administrative Offices

The City of Checotah is the Statutory Aldermanic form of government and is governed by eight elected member council and an elected Mayor. Also elected are the City Clerk, City Treasurer, Street Commissioner and City Marshall (serves as Chief of Police). The Administrative Office is comprised of 9 offices. The Financial Director, Personnel Clerk, Accounts Payable Clerk, Utilities Director, Maintenance Director, City Clerk, Mayor, Court Administrator, Utilities Clerk.

Elected Council Members

Daniel Tarkington
Mayor - term expires 2019
Earnest Myers
Earnest Myers
Ward 1 - term expires 2021
Mike Key Mike Key
Ward 1 - term expires 2019
Portrait Coming Soon
Tony Fields
Ward 2 - term expires 2021
Jodi Greenleaf
Jodi Greenleaf
Ward 2 - term expires 2019
Jerri Reaves
Jerri Reaves
Ward 3 - term expires 2019
Ward 3
William Wiles
Ward 3 - term expires 2021
Ward 4
Chris Robison
Ward 4 - term expires 2019
Ward 4
Ronnie Brinsfield
Ward 4 - term expires 2021


Finance Administrator Shauna Smith
Utilities Director Rick Cox
Personnel Clerk Rachelle Holmes
Accounts Payable Debbie Hollifield
Court Administrator/ Deputy City Clerk LouAnn Moore
Utilities Clerk Linda Burns
Municipal Attorney
Municipal Judge Greg Stidham
Ordinance Officer Shane Alverson


City Clerk Shirley Stidham
City Treasurer Bettie Hays
Street Commissioner Pam Burnett
City Marshall Darren Glover